• Calming Facial - Dry Skin
    Gentle massage techniques are paired with Bioelements skin-calming ingredients to help dry, delicate and sensitive skin to rebalance and renew. Relieving redness & dryness as it comforts, this complete treatment is the ultimate oasis for dry, stressed and irritated skin. Facial time: 60 minutes $55.00  Add to booking
  • Radiance Facial - Combination Skin
    A customized treatment designed to keep your skin looking its very best. It begins with a SkinReading followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation. Next, a custom blended Bioelements mask will be applied to soothe, balance and tone your skin. All this, plus a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. You'll emerge looking and feeling like a million. Facial time: 60 minutes $55.00  Add to booking
  • Targeted Facial - Oily Skin
    An absolute must whether you have stubborn chronic acne, hormonally induced breakouts or simply clogged pores and blackheads. The treatment begins with a Skin Reading, followed by deep pore cleansing and exfoliation to target any breakouts. This is followed by applying Bioelements restorative clay pore refining mask to calm and clear active breakouts. Facial time: 60 minutes $55.00  Add to booking

Combined Service

  • 2 kids cuts
    10 years old and under $40.00  Add to booking
  • Haircut/tint touch up/fringe foil
    $112.00  Add to booking
  • mens cut/child cut
    $45.00  Add to booking
  • tint touch up/full foil/ haircut
    $150.00  Add to booking
  • tint touch up/hair cut/ brow wax
    $90.00  Add to booking
  • Tint touch-up/partial foil/haircut/brow shaping
    $152.00  Add to booking
  • womens haircut & keratin express treatment
    This unique in-salon treatment immediately addresses the frizz issues with your hair. The formula is designed to be a short-term solution to battle frizz as results can last up to 6-8 weeks* with proper home care. Enjoy the versatility this treatment offers you, with a lower price point when compared to the full Keratin Smoothing Treatment, the keratin in your hair will wear away over the weeks preceding the treatment, so it’s a low commitment/low cost option to get introduced to smoothing. $75.00  Add to booking
  • womens senior cut (65 plus) All over colot (Tint)
    $85.00  Add to booking
  • Tint Touch Up & Haircut
    $85.00  Add to booking
  • Tint Touch Up, Partial Foil & Haircut
    Coloring Regrowth to match tinted hair.(Tint retouch) Adding brightness or a framing technique starting at the ears and up. (partial foil) $135.00  Add to booking
  • Tint retouch & Partial foil
    $100.00  Add to booking
  • All over Color & Haircut
    coloring hair all over from scalp to ends. There are no foils applied in this service. A fresh haircut and blow out at the end of service. $90.00  Add to booking
  • All over color/partial foil & Haircut
    Coloring all of your hair from scalp to ends. This is color matching your natural color or going all over darker. Foils are applied from ears up to add brightness. A haircut and blowout at the end of the service. $150.00  Add to booking
  • Fringe Foil & Haircut
    $72.00  Add to booking
  • Partial Foil & Haircut
    $100.00  Add to booking
  • Full Foil & Haircut
    $115.00  Add to booking
  • womens haircut & Brow Wax
    $50.00  Add to booking
  • Brow & Lip Wax
    $22.00  Add to booking
  • womens haircut & Child Cut
    $55.00  Add to booking
  • Mens haircut & Brow wax
    $40.00  Add to booking
  • Womens senior haircut (65+) & Brow wax
    $45.00  Add to booking
  • Perm and Haircut
    $105.00  Add to booking




  • toner
    adding in a tone to neutralize a blonde color that has faded. $10.00  Add to booking
  • All over Color (Tint)
    Color is applied from scalp to ends. This is usually matching your own color or going darker. $55.00  Add to booking
  • Tint Touch Up
    Coloring Regrowth to match tinted hair. $40.00  Add to booking
  • Break the base
    Lightening new regrowth in a quick manner in between highlight services. $25.00  Add to booking
  • Fringe Foil
    A few foils are places around the hairline to add brightening $37.00  Add to booking
  • Partial Foil
    $65.00  Add to booking
  • Full foil
    $75.00  Add to booking
  • Break The Base
    Lightening new regrowth in a quick manner in between highlight services $25.00  Add to booking
  • Balayage
    Meaning “to sweep” in French, lustrous dimension is created in the hair by hand-painting soft, natural highlights. This is a surface painting technique. Having brighter highlights would be considered a foil. $100.00  Add to booking
  • Ombre
    $100.00  Add to booking
  • Bleach and Tone
    A process of bleaching hair, washing out the bleach and then applying toner. price upon length of hair $0.00  Add to booking


  • Acai Deep Conditioning Masque
    A creamy rich intense conditioning formula that reconstructs, strengthens and smooths the hair by coating each strand with an exclusive Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex. This complex repairs and fortifies the hair while eliminating frizz, and promoting shine. $25.00  Add to booking
  • Brazilian Blowout
    Treatment provides you with smooth, frizz-free, easy-to-manage hair that can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re going for that smooth, sleek, straight look, or you want to keep your curl and just lose the frizz, you can achieve a result that’s perfect for you for up to 12 weeks. $250.00  Add to booking
  • Conditioning Treatment
    $20.00  Add to booking
  • Demi Permanent Conditioner Treatment
    Repairs & strengthens the hair's inner structure Resurfaces & seals the cuticle to prevent moisture loss Protects against future damage Lasts up to 12 washes Helps to reduce hair fall Cuts styling time $40.00  Add to booking
  • Keratin Express Treatment
    Anyone who wants to eliminate frizz, reduce volume, heal or repair, improve color retention or speed up blow-dry time. In short, Keratin Express is for anyone who wants better-conditioned, healthier, shinier hair. Lasts 4-6 weeks With haircut $50 Without haircut $75 $75.00  Add to booking
  • Split End Treatment
    $20.00  Add to booking

Bridal Hair/Updos

  • Round Brush Style
    Get that frizz free polished look with a round brush style. A nice relaxing scalp massage finished with a perfect blow out to start your day or event off right. $25.00  Add to booking
  • Blow Out
    Hair is shampooed, blown out and straightened, curled or round brushed to fit your style $45.00  Add to booking
  • Bridal Hair
    Your hair on your wedding day should reflect your personal style and the style of your wedding. We will create a bridal updo to reflect just that. $85.00  Add to booking
  • Down Do
    Opposite of an updo. This leaves the hair down and styled to your liking. $50.00  Add to booking
  • Flat Iron
    $15.00  Add to booking
  • Updo
    A process of arranging to hair instead of allowing it to fall freely. Updos are typically intended for special occasions such as proms or a wedding. $70.00  Add to booking

Waxing Services